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Welcome: Shangqiu Sihai Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd--oil refinery equipment - scrap rubber refining equipment - tires oil refining equipment
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Classification and methods of refinery equipment

Because the source of refining equipment is more extensive, which contains different impurities, generally speaking, mainly soil, moisture. The processing method of waste plastics has a great bearing on the processing capacity. If the amount of processing is small, it is best to use kettle fixed bed catalytic cracking unit.

The catalytic column is located on the top of the distillation kettle. The waste tires are loaded into the distiller and heated to make the oil vaporized. Oil and gas enter the tower at the top of the kettle. The tower is equipped with GG-7 non hydrogen dewaxing waste plastic refinery. When the oil and gas pass through the catalyst bed, the oil of macromolecule will be cracked into smaller molecule oil. After the oil and gas come out of the catalytic cracking tower, they enter the condensing cooler and turn into liquid oil. Because the oil is cooled by a series of step-by-step cooling technology, so the diesel fraction does not contain gasoline.

In general, waste oil that is cracked by GG-7 catalyst. The freezing point of diesel oil can be below -20 C. The oil can be mixed into commercial diesel oil as fuel oil for diesel vehicles.

When the number of waste tires is above 30 tons / day, the best way to use the heating furnace is heating. Before the waste oil enters the heating furnace, dehydration and filtration are necessary procedures to filter out the mechanical impurities, otherwise easy to coke in the furnace tube. After heating, the waste tire enters the tower from the top of the catalytic cracking tower, and the gas from the bottom of the tower enters the distillation system, which is divided into steam and diesel fractions. Shangqiu Sihai machinery refinery equipment has advanced technology. Welcome to visit! Three million one hundred and sixty-three thousand two hundred and thirty-one



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