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Process operation of refinery equipment for scrap tires

The diesel oil obtained by catalytic cracking in general refineries contains a large number of non-hydrocarbons and unsaturated hydrocarbons of sulfur, nitrogen and oxygen. The most easily oxidized components of unsaturated hydrocarbons, especially dienes, are particularly prone to oxidation and condensation to form insoluble colloids and sediments under the initiation of trace non-hydrocarbons.

This will affect the quality of oil color, and then affect the value of oil, and in the oil will also be accompanied by a large number of black incompatible colloidal deposits, resulting in blockage of the pipeline and affect the normal fuel supply, this fuel combustion is easy to form carbon deposits on the engine nozzle, thus accelerating engine wear and resulting in injection. The mouth is clogged.

The hydrogenation process effectively solves the problem of diesel oil stability and adds hindered phenolic antioxidants to the refined products. However, this process needs hydrogen source because of its delicacy and complexity.

The hydrotreating process of Shangqiu Four Seas Refinery is operated under normal temperature and pressure. The formulation is simple and non-polluting, and can effectively inhibit the discoloration of diesel oil and form a gel stabilizer. It has the advantages of long stability period, convenient use, small consumption, low cost, easy purchase of raw materials and wide range of application.

Shangqiu Sihai Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional research, production and sales of waste rubber refining equipment, waste tire refining equipment, and waste oil refining equipment, waste plastic refining equipment and technology-based refining equipment production company.



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